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"The City views your handling of these matters as very professional and diplomatic and your decisions as very thorough, thoughtful, and well documented. The City also appreciates the reasonable fee for the excellent services you provided in these appeals."
-From Burien City Manager, following two very controversial appeals covered by media

"The City is very pleased with the quality of your work as our hearing examiner. You do an excellent job with appellants and create a thorough record that serves us well when appeals go beyond the hearing examiner level. Your work in the hearings and your work product serve us very, very well."
-From Kent City Attorney Tom Brubaker

"Sound Law Center has been providing exceptional services to the City over the last several years."
-From Mukilteo Senior Planner

"Well informed and experienced presenter. Good focus and good energy in presenting a complicated topic in an understandable way"
-From an Elected Official commenting on a You Be the Judge presentation to a City Council

"Making Legally Defensible Land Use Decisions. presented by Ted Hunter of Sound Law Center. Excellent examples and recommendations about how to do things in our everyday practice."
-From a Senior Planner, in response to being asked what was best session at the APA Annual Conference.

"You were ranked at the top level by all who attended -- that's 5 out of 5 on a scale of 5. Well done! Your presentation was clear, knowledgeable and very interesting."
-From rankings at a National Business Institute Seminar on Navigating Land Use Laws, Presented by Ted Hunter

"Mr. Hunter held approximately 800 land use and code violation hearings for the City of Kent. (His) decisions are of exemplary professional quality and said decisions were upheld by higher courts upon appeal. We recognize and appreciate the immense contribution that Ted Hunter has made to the City of Kent and its residents."
Suzie Cooke, Mayor of the City of Kent:

"The seminar was most interesting and informative. I'm looking forward
to additional seminars."
-From Paula Schwartz, City Planner

"When I see that someone has contributed as much as you have, I believe you qualify as someone who serves with soul."
-Steven G. Toole, President of WSBA 2011-2012

"Thank you for your commitment and contribution to equal access to our justice system."
-Stephen R. Crossland, WSBA President 2012

"Thanks so much for your expert counsel and professionalism throughout the process, and particularly at the hearing last night. I am so grateful for your support and very appreciative of your commitment to the issue. Thank you for your work on behalf of those who find themselves without a home or safe place to be."
From Friends of Youth Director Terry Pottmeyer, after winning an appeal.

"The City greatly appreciates the professional attention and expertise we receive from you and your firm." Burien City Attorney.

"Thank you for providing excellent service to the City of Mukilteo. Repeatedly, I hear from those who testify that they felt heard, that you took their concerns seriously, and your were fair in your rulings. Thank you for providing excellent service to the City of Mukilteo. I look forward to continuing our partnership."
-From the Planning Director of the City of Mukilteo

"Mr. Hunter knows how to keep the parties properly engaged during the hearing. His manner shows he knows what he is doing and in charge while he keeps our attention with his humor."
-Response to a survey about the quality of our services, Kitsap County 2016.

"I have practiced land use for 34 years, primarily in King, Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Ted Hunter, the Hearing Examiner, is exceptional. He is respectful to counsel, parties and members of the public. He always is sure to explain the process, the opportunities to participate, and the desire to listen to all concerns in rendering decisions. Mr. Hunter's Decisions are well-written, consider and analyze pertinent testimony, and apply legal principles and precedent in making final Decisions. In my opinion, he is one of the very best Hearing Examiners in the State of Washington."
-Response to a survey about the quality of our services, Kitsap County 2016.

He (Andrew) "is a good public speaker and well organized" ... "entertaining and interesting material".
-From an National Business Institute seminar on "Surveys, Plats, and Title Insurance" December, 2017, in Seattle.

"Clear, succinct, knowledgeable, organized, informative and very engaging. An excellent presentation, 5.0 on a 5 point scale".

Presentation by Ted Hunter at a National Business Seminar, "Real Estate Boot Camp", 2018.

On behalf of the City, thank you for the time and effort that you put into last night's workshop. The goal was to provide important information for
Councilmembers to consider regarding such land use matters, and the workshop met that goal.

I appreciate the work that you did and the time and thinking that you put into the workshop. The Council now has a level of expertise regarding the issues you covered that many Councils don't have, and that will serve the City very well.

From City Attorney Joe Levan, City of Bainbridge Island

"Thank you for being an excellent hearing examiner!"

Planner, City of Port Orchard said of Andrew Reeves.

“We interviewed many, many capable firms … and
were impressed by the background and
qualifications of Mr. Reeves and SLC; the
improvements in the processes they would make
for the benefit of staff, applicants and the public;
and the references we received from those in
other jurisdictions where SLC provides services.”

From Pierce County Councilmember Ryan
Mellow, in support of SLC as the County Hearing
Examiner(summary of verbal comments made at
open hearing).